Sunday, July 24, 2016



What do i need to bring??? A running motorcycle, and the tools needed to wrench on said motorcycle, and a good attitude. Beyond that, you really won't need a whole lot, a couple bucks in your pocket for camping fees ($15 friday, $12 saturday) and gas. We usually 'pass the hat' in the evenings to collect beer/food fund, and send a couple people out to gather the goods, bring it back and start cookin on the fire. Anything else is just luxury (socks, tent, coffee maker, etc...)

What if i break down??? See first question... BRING TOOLS & SPARE PARTS! There will be plenty of helping hands willing to get you back on the road, but please be as self sufficient as possible. There is likely to be a couple cars/trucks making the trip, but they often get separated, so do NOT depend on them. We won't leave anyone stranded, unless you're an asshole.

Do I HAVE to ride a chopper??? Nope! It'd be a lot cooler if you did, but we don't care what you ride. As long as its got 2 wheels (or even 3, but NO can-am spiders!) bring it out! Nobody is gonna bust your balls (too hard) about riding a modern bagger, or a shitty old jap bike.

Can I meet up along the way??? Absolutely! There is no set schedule or route though. I will have a 'general route' and directions/maps of that route available at camp every morning, but we almost always deviate from the route. Ride at your own pace, stop where you want, go as fast (or slow) as you want. Make it fun for YOU! We don't get too serious about the route, because it helps keep the sense of adventure.

How do i get an award/some of the cool shit??? Well, first off you have to show up. Secondly, you have to be @ The Hogarosa Saturday night when it all goes down. Awards will be given out Saturday night at camp. Swag giveaway will also be Saturday night. You can get swag by beating me in Rock Paper Scissors. That simple. Beat me, take your pick of goodies from the giveaway table! We will have goods from all of our fine sponsors, and a few event shirts thrown in there as well.

What time will you be at the campsites??? There is no set times/schedules. Generally speaking we roll out of camp about 10am, some earlier, some later. When we get to the next camp depends on a)number of bar stops b)number of breakdowns c)shenanigans. Usually someone is at camp by late afternoon (4-5pm), but it's not uncommon for us to roll in just before dark (and occasionally waaaaaaaaaay after dark). There is no 'kickstands up at X time' kind of deal. Get up on your pace, and ride at your pace. There will be several groups of people, not necessarily one large pack, so find some like minded folks and go your own way.

What is the food situation??? Food will be provided Thursday night @ my shop. We will have Walking Tacos, as well as some Meat on the smoker (and of course tubed meats on the fire/grille). ALL FREE OF CHARGE. Friday night we will 'pass the hat' and cook on the fire. There are also several food vendors on site at Nelson Ledges. Saturday night will be the same deal, cooking on the fire. You are welcome to bring/cook your own food if you're a picky eater, or generally unsocial. Food during the day: you're on your own. Find a greazy spoon, McDonalds, or a 5star, whatever tickles your fancy.

Do i need to bring my own beer??? Yes and no. I will have a large stock of beer at my place on Thursday, but once it's gone we will 'pass the hat' for more. That will be the way it goes the rest of the weekend. We usually buy a variety of beers (but don't expect craft beers...). If you have a sensitive palette, please bring your own beer. If you can drink anything, just pitch in to the fund (a couple bucks is all we ask for...)



Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Thursday, July 14, 2016

We're giving away more shit

So we're giving away a gift certificate for $75 worth of etched metal goodness. Just go on Instagram and go to @R4YL's feedback, repost and tag and you're in. The boys will pick the winner this weekend at the Wausegon Swapmeet

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Here's a taste of what you'll get 
Friday night at Nelson Ledges Quarry Park