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What do i need to bring??? A running motorcycle, and the tools needed to wrench on said motorcycle, and a good attitude. Beyond that, you really won't need a whole lot, a couple bucks in your pocket for camping fees ($15 friday, $12 saturday) and gas. We usually 'pass the hat' in the evenings to collect beer/food fund, and send a couple people out to gather the goods, bring it back and start cookin on the fire. Anything else is just luxury (socks, tent, coffee maker, etc...)

What if i break down??? See first question... BRING TOOLS & SPARE PARTS! There will be plenty of helping hands willing to get you back on the road, but please be as self sufficient as possible. There is likely to be a couple cars/trucks making the trip, but they often get separated, so do NOT depend on them. We won't leave anyone stranded, unless you're an asshole.

Do I HAVE to ride a chopper??? Nope! It'd be a lot cooler if you did, but we don't care what you ride. As long as its got 2 wheels (or even 3, but NO can-am spiders!) bring it out! Nobody is gonna bust your balls (too hard) about riding a modern bagger, or a shitty old jap bike.

Can I meet up along the way??? Absolutely! There is no set schedule or route though. I will have a 'general route' and directions/maps of that route available at camp every morning, but we almost always deviate from the route. Ride at your own pace, stop where you want, go as fast (or slow) as you want. Make it fun for YOU! We don't get too serious about the route, because it helps keep the sense of adventure.

How do i get an award/some of the cool shit??? Well, first off you have to show up. Secondly, you have to be @ The Hogarosa Saturday night when it all goes down. Awards will be given out Saturday night at camp. Swag giveaway will also be Saturday night. You can get swag by beating me in Rock Paper Scissors. That simple. Beat me, take your pick of goodies from the giveaway table! We will have goods from all of our fine sponsors, and a few event shirts thrown in there as well.

What time will you be at the campsites??? There is no set times/schedules. Generally speaking we roll out of camp about 10am, some earlier, some later. When we get to the next camp depends on a)number of bar stops b)number of breakdowns c)shenanigans. Usually someone is at camp by late afternoon (4-5pm), but it's not uncommon for us to roll in just before dark (and occasionally waaaaaaaaaay after dark). There is no 'kickstands up at X time' kind of deal. Get up on your pace, and ride at your pace. There will be several groups of people, not necessarily one large pack, so find some like minded folks and go your own way.

What is the food situation??? Food will be provided Thursday night @ my shop. We will have Walking Tacos, as well as some Meat on the smoker (and of course tubed meats on the fire/grille). ALL FREE OF CHARGE. Friday night we will 'pass the hat' and cook on the fire. There are also several food vendors on site at Nelson Ledges. Saturday night will be the same deal, cooking on the fire. You are welcome to bring/cook your own food if you're a picky eater, or generally unsocial. Food during the day: you're on your own. Find a greazy spoon, McDonalds, or a 5star, whatever tickles your fancy.

Do i need to bring my own beer??? Yes and no. I will have a large stock of beer at my place on Thursday, but once it's gone we will 'pass the hat' for more. That will be the way it goes the rest of the weekend. We usually buy a variety of beers (but don't expect craft beers...). If you have a sensitive palette, please bring your own beer. If you can drink anything, just pitch in to the fund (a couple bucks is all we ask for...)



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We're giving away more shit

So we're giving away a gift certificate for $75 worth of etched metal goodness. Just go on Instagram and go to @R4YL's feedback, repost and tag and you're in. The boys will pick the winner this weekend at the Wausegon Swapmeet

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Here's a taste of what you'll get 
Friday night at Nelson Ledges Quarry Park

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Mark your calendars for Saturday September 24th for the 1st annual Parts 'N' Arts show @ the Hammansburg Blues & Arts Center near Cygnet, OH. Doors will open at 10 am, vendors can get there earlier to setup. Vendor spots are only $20, but call to reserve them now, as they will likely go fast! This is a real parts swap meet only, NO LEATHER, NO LIFESTYLE bullshit, no candy, etc... Just real, crusty, greazy parts. The way a swap should be. Swap will take place outside, so dress/plan accordingly. Swap meet will run until people close up shop. There will be live music in the church that evening until midnight. Camping will be available on site, free of charge, so plan to stay and party! There will be also be an art show inside the church. Preferably art that is moto-related (bikes, hot rods, tiki, lowbrow, etc...) If you are interested in having work in the show, please call the number shown at the bottom of this announcement. Art show space will also be somewhat limited, so please get your submission in early. Please send a short bio, and some photos/description of your work to Finally there will be a Ride-In Bike show, open to anyone on two wheels (or 3 in some cases, but NO can-am spyders please!) There will be a couple awards given out. Parking will be a premium for this event, so if you have a bike, please ride out, it will be much easier for us to deal with a bunch of bikes than a bunch of cars... OH! there will also be Live entertainment throughout the day from several different bands. Full lineup to be announced soon! more information/show submissions: 419.308.8397

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Rhinebeck Grand National Meet 2016

This year's event will be held 
on July 1st & 2nd 

Vendor set-up: Thursday, June 30th, 2016
Meet opens to the Public:

Friday July 1st, 2016 Saturday July 2nd, 2016
Hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm

We will be in spot 207 in the Blue Field

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The Race Of Gentlemen Wildwood New Jersey

If you didn't make it to Wildwood for TROG this weekend you missed a good time. So here's a few photo's from the weekend.

Eye in the sky

 Nice panoramic shot from @mrs_twt
 Willie G with @desoucey sweet shovel chopper
She's no show queen, she's a runner.

 My good friend @hutch_style finish up 4th in the bracket race with his sweet 45

@visionary_cycle_products and I at the Night of the Troglodytes

@desoucey and I at the Night of the Troglodytes
If you're going to be a mess 
you might as well be a

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Here's a couple of comic strips I made

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Friday destination is Nelson Ledges Quarry Park
12001 Nelson Ledge Road
Garrettsville, Ohio

Camping is $15 a person

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Oley AMCA Meet

Oley AMCA is this weekend. We will be setup in our usual spot, 333. 
Come by and check out so cool etched stuff and cool vintage parts, 
Or just stop by for a beer.

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R4LY 8 August 4-7. 2016

August will be upon us quicker than you think, so mark this one on your calendar. 

This run is a grassroots motorcycle ride that is in it's eighth year. Each year we change the destinations to keep it fresh. This year we are doing Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. If you like to Ride,Drink,Camp & Repeat this one is for you. There are two rules. 1. Have your shit together, no one is gonna hold your hand, Your mom isn't going to be there, unless she cool and that's ok but you still need to have your shit together. 2. Don't be a dick. The ride starts with a  pre-party on the 4th in Ada Ohio. We head out the morning of the 5th and ride above 200 miles. We're not on a schedule so ride as fast or a slow as you want. Friday night spot is not locked down as of now. I will have updates as thing progress so check back often. The morning of the 6th we repeat, about another 200 miles to Saturday's spot, The Hogarosa Campground in Springville New York. A really cool motorcycle friendly campground. Saturday night you can win some cool stuff if your Rock,Paper, Scissors skills are good. Even if you can't make the whole ride join us along the way. You can get update at R4YL Blog and by following @r4yl on Instagram.

Oh and there will be LIVE music. 

We are still locking down the musical entertainment so check back on that too. 

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The guys over at The MotoCantina 
asked me to do an interview, 
it's up on their site. 
Grab a look if you want. 
There is a bunch of other cooler 
stuff over there as well.

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